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Operation during May 1st and 8th

On Monday May 1st and on Monday May 8th we deliver goods as common working day. Order department runs without any limitation.

Leaflet: Asparagus season 2017

Leták We have prepared special prices for selected products suitable for your asparagus menu.

The offer is valid from April 26th to May 31st 2017.

View our leaflet APRIL-JUNE 2017 too

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2/2017 (April)

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We support

B2 - design supplier

ETELA logo

ETELA - Public Benefit Organization

The company FANY Gastroservis is providing a long-term financial support to ETELA, a public benefit org.

Honza Tománek

Sportsman Honza Tománek - handbike

We are supporting a successful handicapped athlete and a member of the Czech handbike representation.

Ondřej Ježek

Ondřej Ježek - motorcycle racer

The company FANY Gastroservis is also supporting a successful motorbike racer Ondřej Ježek.